2013 Business Action on Health Award Finalists

GBCHealth is proud to announce the 38 finalists for the 2013 Business Action on Health Awards. Comprising best-in-class initiatives from around the world, they range from workplace HIV/AIDS interventions to nutrition projects that span continents. Together they demonstrate the unique power of the private sector to forge a healthier world.

All Finalists now progress to a rigorous assessment by GBCHealth's external panel of expert judges. One winner and one to three commended companies per category will be chosen to be honored at GBCHealth’s 2013 Conference, May 15-17 in New York City.

Congratulations to all the Finalists on their success. Here are the awards categories:


Application of Core Competence
Company Name Program Name Description
Best Doctors, Inc. Interconsultation Global company that works with top doctors to provide diagnostic expertise and treatment evaluation, reducing misdiagnosis and unnecessary healthcare costs
DSM MixMe Micronutrient Initiative Multi-approach program to ending hunger and malnutrition. Built around a micronutrient sachet, the initiative is supported by advocacy and NGO engagement
MedStartr Inc. MedStartr Online crowdfunding platform that drives awareness, sales, partnerships and funding for innovative healthcare ideas and companies
Novartis Healthier Families (Arogya Parivar ) Self-sustaining for-profit social business designed to improve access to affordable medications
Pfizer Inc. Pfizer Global Health Fellows Program Pfizer employee volunteer program that sends staff to work with non-profit partners around the world, lending their skills to address health needs in developing countries


Community Investment: General
Sanofi Group Turkey Diabetes in School Program School-based diabetes program to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes and increase early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in Turkish children
Humana Team Up 4 Health Partnership between Humana Inc. and Microclinic International to create a local program in Kentucky that aims to prevent chronic disease by promoting healthy behaviors
Procter & Gamble P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water Program Partnership between P&G and a diverse network of government and non-profits, using P&G’s Purifier of Water sachets to prevent the transmission of waterborne illnesses
Teck Resources Limited Zinc & Health Global, multi-approach program to address zinc deficiency and related health conditions; comprises five sub-projects, including a global advocacy initiative and a public-private partnership developing nutrition solutions
Agropecuaria La Esperanza S.A. Mejores Familias Malnutrition program that targets families in rural Guatemala, educating women and mothers on nutrition, preventative health care practices, and food security


Community Investment: Special Focus on HIV/AIDS, TB or Malaria
Mopani Copper Mines Plc. Integrated HIV/AIDS Program Partnership between Mopani, AIDSRelief, and CHAMP to increase access to anti-retroviral treatment, and improve quality of HIV/AIDS care for employees, dependents and surrounding communities
AREVA Mines Niger HIV/AIDS Program for the People of the Agadez Region Prevention of HIV/AIDS and care of those already living with HIV/AIDS among the migrant population of the Agadez region, Niger
GlaxoSmithKline FHI360/GSK Community- Based Project To Reduce Malaria-Related Morbidity And Mortality Partnership between GSK and FHI360, implementing a community-based program in Ghana to reduce malaria-related morbidity and mortality
Hippo Valley Estates Hippo Valley Estates HIV/AIDS Management Program HIV/AIDS prevention, mitigation, treatment and support for employees, dependents and surrounding communities


Health & Beyond: Eradicating Root Causes
Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation: Tenke Fungurume Mining Commitment for Sustainable Health and Wellness Programs in Local Communities, DRC Partnership between Tenke Fungurume Mining and local government to dramatically improve water and sanitation services in the surrounding community, thus reducing the transmission of waterborne illnesses
Chevron Nigeria Limited (Chevron Corporation) Orphans & Vulnerable Children Project Comprehensive program targeting orphans and vulnerable children, improving their standard of living by providing them and their caregivers with basic life and interpersonal skills, HIV/AIDS awareness and economic empowerment training
Kraft Foods Mexico
(Mondelez International)
Eating for a Better Living (Alimentarnos para vivir mejor) Large-scale program based in Child Development Community Centers in Mexico, improving the nutritional wellbeing of 8,500 children
Johnson & Johnson Empowering the Poorest through Integrated Microfinance and Health Protection Services in India Partnership between Freedom from Hunger, the Microcredit Summit and Johnson & Johnson that addresses the link between poor health and poverty through microfinance


Partnership/Collective Action
Peninsula Papagayo Children Without Borders Clinic Multi-sector partnership to improve the overall health of children in the small town of Carrillo, Costa Rica, with a free children’s health clinic
Qualcomm Wireless Reach initiative from Qualcomm Multi-sector partnership to build capacity by providing medical professionals with apoint-of-care electronic health information system
Pfizer Investment Co., Ltd (Pfizer China) Advancing Cancer and Tobacco Control in China Public-private partnership to address cancer through increased tobacco control in China
Sanofi e-Diabetes Public-private partnership to address the growing diabetes problem in sub-Saharan Africa through a unique, low-cost e-training program
Edelman Global Smoke-Free Worksite Challenge Strategic alliance of seven partners to advocate for smoke-free worksites worldwide


Technology for Health
Merck & Co., Inc. Merck for Mothers 10-year, $500 million initiative that aims to make pregnancy and childbirth safer by supporting life-saving innovations
IBM IBM Watson for Healthcare Uses the Watson computer (that famously won Jeopardy!) to help healthcare professionals make informed, evidence-based decisions
HP eHealth Center - Rapidly Deployable Cloud-Enabled Healthcare Solution Transportable, standalone health center with built-in generators, diagnostics and video conferencing equipment, bringing high quality healthcare to underserved rural populations
Anglo American Plc The Health Source Comprehensive electronic health record management solution that uses biomarkers to uniquely identify individuals and ensure continuous, consistent care
Ortec North Star Alliance Health registration system designed for use by Roadside Wellness Centers, which treat mobile populations and the communities that live along Africa’s major transport corridors


Workplace/Workforce Engagement: General
GE (China) Co., Ltd HealthAhead Employee wellness program comprising a variety of activities adapted to local conditions, with a focus on leadership, shared responsibility and lifestyle
Novus International Inc Novus LiveWell Health and wellness web platform that provides each employee with a personalized wellness program, including incentives and health tools
HP Winning with Wellness/Power of Prevention Multi-pronged employee wellness program that promotes health through a web portal, global fitness competitions, awareness campaigns and financial management training
Delta Corporation Limited Step Change Program Comprehensive employee wellness program that addresses the identified risks and prevalent diseases in segmented groups with a range of targeted activities
American Express Pvt. Ltd. Healthy Living Global employee health initiative that adapts to the needs of local populations to create an environment that promotes healthy lifestyles inside and outside of the workplace


Workplace/Workforce Engagement: Special Focus on HIV/AIDS, TB, or Malaria
Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Ltd Health & Wellness Program Comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment program that utilizes peer educators and incorporates stigma- and discrimination-reduction activities
BP BP Angola Malaria Risk Program Malaria prevention and risk-reduction program designed to protect expatriate employees in Angola
Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd Health Initiatives for the Private Sector Communications-based HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention program that incorporates the use of radio shows, interactive text messaging, men-only seminars and other activities
Levi Strauss & Co Employee HIV/AIDS Program Global HIV/AIDS workplace program tailored to retail employees and complemented with a powerful advocacy campaign encouraging insurers to extend coverage to people living with HIV/AIDS
Metropolitan Health Risk Management Metropolitan Health's HIV YourLife Programme Illustrates HIV Outcomes for the Banking Sector in South Africa HIV/AIDS disease management program that improves health outcomes by encouraging early diagnosis and enrolment in treatment plans